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PHP developer

MyBit Poland is an IT company founded on partnership and knowledge. We are passionate about providing robust software solutions with high quality code for business. What drives us is our desire to help our customers. Our goal is for the services we offer to lead to the growth of any company that becomes familiar with them and uses them to create their own visions and strategies. We provide solid solutions with high quality code.
As a PHP Developer, you contribute to the development, maintenance and optimization of software on behalf of the client. You do this in collaboration with other developers in one of our close-knit development teams. Our teams have a high degree of independence and technical freedom. We work according to the Agile/SCRUM method, which manifests itself in bi-weekly sprints, daily stand-ups and a constant cycle of retrospectives.


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What can we offer

Do you see yourself in this position? Send your resume to info@mybitpoland.pl. If you have questions and would like to get more information, please contact Marcin Król by email, marcin.krol@mybitpoland.pl